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IGGS LLC is a multi-purpose company that is involved in State, Federal and International markets. The company’s vision is to connect entrepreneur, professionals and companies with products both locally and abroad. The company deals with diverse lines of work; transportation, healthcare management, healthcare products, steel and plastic repair parts and identification of professionals both local and abroad and we serve individuals, small businesses and large corporations.

We collaborate with a myriad of companies worldwide to get high quality products for the best value. Some of the recent additions to this list of companies include:

1. T.D. Williamson 
2. Allan Edwards
3. JCM Industries.
4. The DRM Companies
5. Hillenburg Pipe & Supply 
6. Petroleum & Gas Pipeline
7. Cla Val
8. Carter
10. Avery Hardoll

Products include:

Stainless Steel


Industrial Plastics

Water Works Products and Services

Geothermal Supply Projects

IGGS Solar Supply Projects

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Office Equipment and Supplies

We deal with Aviation Fuel System and Ground Fuel System equipment and technology sourcing.

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IGGS is a diversified economic-development and government-relations firm focusing on commercial, industrial, retail, residential and transportation developments at the local, state, national and international levels. 

IGGS has the proven ability to bring parties together to produce highly imaginative, innovative and rock-solid solutions that lead to the successful completion of projects.  IGGS has built a strong record of success in seeing projects through to completion. Rather than simply writing reports then walking away from projects, we are committed to seeing every endeavor through to completion. 

Contact one of our sales professionals now to get a competitive quote for any of your customer needs. Trust IGGS to meet your needs and exceed your expectations while remaining competitive.